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8 Small Ways you can Save Money Today

8 Small Ways you can Save Money Today

Everyone has something they are saving up for. Maybe it is a vacation, a new car, a down payment on a home, or just a savings account to have for emergencies. No matter the reason, there are small steps you can take to get you to your savings goal. SpeedyLoan’s tips below are so easy, you won’t even realize you’re doing it.

1.       Work More

This may seem obvious, but working more doesn’t just help you earn more money, it also helps you save money as well. The more you work, the less free time you have to spend money. Also, if you spend more time working towards your career goals, you can reach them faster! This can result in a salary increase which can enable you to put more money in a savings account.

2.       Wait 48 hours to Purchase Something

You can order pretty much anything online these days. Instead of clicking the “buy” button right away, give yourself 48 hours to think about it. If you still want it after two days, it is more likely to be a need than a want. If you forgot about it, it wasn’t worth the money in the first place and the money is saved for more important things.

3.       Plan Meals

Dining out for your meals is the number one expense for most people. Instead of paying for the tax and tip that come with dining out, pick one day a week to go grocery shopping and plan your meals for the week. Not only does this help you save money, but it also is generally better for your health! 

4.       Get Rid of Cable

It may seem scary to get rid of your traditional cable company, but streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Sling TV make it painless. You can still watch your favorite shows and movies for a fraction of the cost. Save money by just paying for internet and subscribing to your favorite streaming service.

5.       Host a Pot Luck

Instead of going out to eat, invite your friends over for a potluck dinner. In addition to saving on tax and tip (as stated above) you also might get some leftovers out of it! The setting is also more intimate than a crowded and noisy restaurant.

6.       Stop Stress Spending

Emotional shopping is real and the instant gratification we get out of shopping can be addicting. Take a moment to think about how you are feeling before you pull the trigger and impulsively buy things. Suppress the urge to go shopping when you are feeling stressed out or sad.

7.       Track your Progress

 It can be hard to stay motivated when saving money. Keeping track of your progress and seeing how much you already have in your savings can help you stick to your goals. It can also help to set smaller savings goals along the way. For example, try saving a small amount each week to go towards your larger savings goal

8.       Find Free Local Entertainment

Instead of going out every weekend and spending money, find free things to do in your area. Look for local parks, beaches and historical sites in Waukegan that provide hours of fun at no cost. Most of these places also let you bring your own food, so you can save money on meals as well.

If you want to jumpstart your savings, stop in at Waukegan’s premier loan provider SpeedyLoans. We provide stress-free loans up to $4,000! Apply today.


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