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  • How do I change my SpeedyLoans password?

    To update your SpeedyLoans password, follow these steps:
    • Log into your SpeedyLoans online customer portal account
    • Type in your current and new passwords and select "NEXT". Your password is now updated.
  • How do I update my bank information?

    If you currently have an active loan with SpeedyLoans please call 866-977-3339 or email

    Please be prepared to fax, text, or email a copy or photo of a voided check or bank statement from your new bank account. Also, if you are submitting a voided check, please do not submit starter checks, as we do not accept these as valid proof of bank information.
  • How do I update my employer information?

    To update your employer information with SpeedyLoans, please call 866.977.3339 or email
  • How do I update my SpeedyLoans customer profile?

    To update your SpeedyLoans account information, please call 866.977.3339 or email
  • What if I forgot my SpeedyLoans password?

    To reset your SpeedyLoans password, follow these steps:
    • Click the "NEED HELP?" link under the customer login section in the top right corner of the website
    • Select "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD" and fill in your username. Then select "NEXT"
    • Select your preferred communication method and select "NEXT". You will be sent a unique PIN that will allow you to reset your SpeedyLoans password.
  • What if I forgot my SpeedyLoans username?

    Please call 866.977.3339 to reset or retrieve your SpeedyLoans username.

    *Hint - Your username may be your email address.

Loan FAQ

  • What is a personal loan?

    A personal loan is a loan that is paid back through a series of payments from your personal income.
  • How much money can I recieve from SpeedyLoans?

    The amount of many that you’re approved for is based on a number of factors, some of which are collected from the information you provide in your original SpeedyLoans application.

    There are also state-mandated loan amount limits. Please visit your state page to view loan rates & terms.
  • Is Same Day Funding Available?

    When you apply with all required documents, signatures, and receive approval before 11:30a CST, you are eligible to receive your cash in your bank account the same day. Restrictions may apply.
  • What is the finance charge?

    If you currently have an active loan, please contact our Customer Service Team via email at or by phone at 866.977.3339

    Please see our rates & terms pages by state for more information:
  • What are my personal loan repayment options?

    You can take advantage of the following personal loan repayment options:
    • Installment Payments: You may pay back your loan principal plus accrued fees through a number of scheduled payments made over the loan term.
    • Full Payment: You may pay back your loan in full at any time without any prepayment charges.
    • Early or Partial Payment: You may make an early or partial principal payment on your loan at any time with no prepayment penalties.

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